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Use the LED intelligent lighting control system

The bridge can generate cheerful or brilliant or inspiring or quiet or rich scene, the changes effect will make the bridge to produce better interaction and blend with heaven and earth, the waterscape and people, to write a gorgeous cadenza. Transmission control protocol enables the LED lighting system control quality and reliability to be higher.A variety of user-friendly smart designs are used in LED street lamps powerWith the continuous development of the modern society and progress, a lot of household items and electrical appliances are increasingly move forward artificial intelligence to improve humanized operation of the products, among which the best in the electrical products on the market is the touch phone and laptop.ledlight-gst. The LED lighting control system is very important for led street light manufacturer. We can use the LED intelligent lighting control system for centralized monitoring and control.G.B.4)Brightness and depth can be up to 10245)The white detection function of each controller in the system can detect the input interface signal (Indicator reporting);6)It supports user to configure screen body information.The main functions that LED lighting system can Led PC Cover achieve are as follows:


1)Level 100 brightness adjustments, level 16 brightness adjustment function with without gray loss;
2)Display frequencies are up to 85Hz;
3)Color adjustment ability is level 256 independent adjustments for R. The application of intelligent control system reliably controls the stop and start of different scene LED street lights and garden lights.php/future-development-prospects-of-intelligent-led-street-light-industry. Dim LED lights, garden lights depending on demand, which can save 20% to 30% energy, and prolong the lamp life.
 Copper Tube Heat Sink Two-way communication equipment makes LED landscape lighting control system to be more stable
To make the bridges have more shocking light and shadow performances and landmark effect on the rivers, it is necessary to design a complete set of high-tech intelligent control systems and lighting change programs for bridge. Bridge LED lighting control system should use the TCP / IP protocol, which needs to be optimized by signal transmission, making the connected devices in the LED lighting system to be more and the distance connections
7)Power supply DC24VAC110 ~ 220V;
8)Support remote control and serial communication.


The LED lighting intelligent control system may control the consistency of time, eliminating time error of the power supply system, and ensures the conversion quality of the variety of LED animation field records. As the emerging industries,led lighting wholesale products are also not far behind, a variety of user-friendly smart designs are used in the LED street lamps power, electronic ballasts, tunnel lights drive and other related products. The advantage is using preset independent information storage for the control of each phase, when a line failure, you can immediately detect the point of failure and fault quality and save, which is conducive to troubleshooting, saving resources and time.