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There are some light shades which are so big

Glass Shades: As the name suggests, these Shades are made up of glass, and cause greater refraction of light, and hence these shades emit bright light.
They are available in many shapes and sizes, some being: Cylindrical, Conical, etc.

There are some light shades which are so big, that they can completely surround the chandelier's hung in large rooms and halls, and provide a unique light which is a complementary to the light passing through it. Its is a decorative piece, which is hollow from one end, and can be put around a bulb or lamp.

One can see the beauty of the mixed colors of light emanating from the chandelier and the light shade, once the light is turned on. Some shades are in the form of Lamps. Such Shades are made up of semi transparent mirror strip, surrounding a chandelier or lamp.
Some light shades can be one way mirror, reflecting everything from the outside surface and enclosing the chandelier from the inside.

Light shades of various types and designs can be found in the market today. It can be made up of a colored glass, or any other material which changes the color, brightness and intensity of light, and makes it pleasant LED Down Light to look. Light emitting from such shades is a bit dim, than the actual light.
Light shades are also known as Lamp shades. They can have different styles and designs.

These shades are gaining popularity very quickly in the interior House Designing field, and are mostly being used for decorative and Aesthetic purposes. Such shades are mostly metallic, like of Aluminium or Copper, and provide the proper reflection of light, as desired by the people. Light shades are fixed on top of Lamp bulbs, or they are used to cover bulbs in order to diffuse the light being emitted from the source. Light shade is an equipment which is attached to bulbs and lamps. They are:
1)Fabric Shades: They are those types of lamp shades which are made up of Fabrics. A small bulb is attached to a rod, and a beautiful bell like light shade, in the form of lamp lies surrounding the bulb. Some Shades may be simple table lamps, or some may be a shade over a hanging bulb to produce a hanging shades.

The Light shades were also used in historic times for decorative purposes and have remained in our culture since then. They can be oval, cylindrical, High Mast Lamp cubical, or of any geometric figure.

There are many types of Light shades which can be bought today.