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LED neon lighting style bigger than many

What is behind the enjoyment of it? Customized many LED lighting style design with cost-effective economical aid instantly found the place, this amazing "stuff" is not as excellent as the imagination: statements 50,000 hours LED light life is only taken less than a month more than half come to an end, even if we can hold on for several months seems to have become a red "wildfire."
A sequence of issues after another, government cost-effective dedication became careful, and many organizations started to have LED lighting style items into the set up room, large contribution stores, resorts, office buildings and even homes. Most of these places can pay for their customers, price-sensitive, so organizations started to problem and website, use the most cost-effective snacks, the most costly warmed content ... ... a lot of issues happen regularly. Go on like this, LED industry will soon be modified into mice or mice or rodents on the roads, the situation of the individuals cry.
LED lighting style is not only the primary engineering, processer, made these days, many individuals lack close relatives members upstream LED processer primary business engineering. To do a LED light, it needs to secure the semiconductor engineering, noticeable engineering, architectural engineering, chilling engineering, electronic engineering, procedure performing engineering, and elements, elements and substances, warmed return and other specific groups, it can not say that the processer is the primary engineering, the light doing quality and faultless is also the primary engineering.
For example, LED neon lighting style bigger than many, but the light is not the reaction. Problems often deceased lighting style design, LED high-tech items that appear so "high", the common old hundred numbers can not be set, not costly LED lighting style design that toss to toss, where to repair? How many individuals know how to repair? an LED lighting style items a year is not enough to save the power of its servicing, you think about LED lighting style items that will be long-term one is it?
The development of any industry has its certain suggestions, LED is no exemption to this concept. Although close relatives members industry brings are very shiny LED lighting style, but any one industry needs a ongoing procedure. Air Compressor for the Car as a new industry, means that the appropriate engineering are not yet older and ongoing, and appropriate places support suggestions, development requirements, experience requirements, after sales service, so that in the plan used under the support of learning from your errors, the use of verification, and the ongoing overall performance marketing. This needs serious tasks of LED people!