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LED industry development process necessary stage

Market the latest statistics show that, compared with the beginning of the year, LED upstream substrate and chip price decline range has been more than a third.
Upper substrate and chip prices fall sharply, the downstream products price also follow cut. Business downstream products marketing researchers say, now, a lot of manufacturer sales civil LED lamp, usually a quarter a price cut, and each price adjustment of 3% - 5%.
And the recent out and Shamen a enterprise for economic recession, leading to inventory pressure, rate of operation is affected, in a few table machine less than is still in operation. At present already by the end of the year, in order to achieve the collection of receivables, the price war had to once again begin.
LED inside think, the price war is the LED industry development process necessary stage, should correctly treat the phenomenon, ease the price war on the one hand to ease the upstream production capacity surplus, on the other hand, the enterprise should lower the price at the same time guarantee the quality of its products.
DE hao embellish of three quarterly report showed that its two subsidiaries of 80 sets of MOCVD equipment, only and table in the production state, remove and five table used for research and development, in addition to the 37 machine are still in the installation process, starts only slightly higher than 50%. The personage inside course of study, the paper points out that, next year is expected to LED upstream areas will still face inventory pressure, reshuffle is inevitable.
Experts say, from the upstream investment situation, the epitaxial wafer investment growth from last year's 46% to 10% this year, and the downstream application field investment growth last year to 21% in 2012 and rises to 53%, so the LED industry investment focus from upstream to downstream transfer.
The second half of this year, LED packaging enterprise wood LinSen shares announced 3 w LED ball steep light just $1 (6.3 yuan), and 1.2 m LED tube members &people waiting less than fifty yuan, a move that LED into the formal $1 times, at the same time also let LED has entered a new round of price war among.
From the market reaction to see, the price war is the upstream overcapacity edison lamp directly to one of the results. Excess capacity, inventory is overmuch, the market competition, the enterprise in order to maintain normal capital operation, maintain competitiveness in the industry, only take price war as a promotional tool.