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A mild bar is a unit of different types of lighting style

When the features of items is basically fantastic, and the manufacturers use a foundation to venture that features to the best advantage, the resulting item will be a exclusive item with exclusive qualities. This is the qualifications of LED immediate mild bars.

Ever since LED lighting style, or mild design from the electronic mild of mild giving diodes, became a part of mild design industry, its position there has been unassailable. It has been used in show forums, for advertisements, in lighting, for home lighting style, and immediate vehicle lighting style. In all these sides it has been found to do an extremely fantastic job. For vehicle lighting style, LED lighting style are widely used as LED immediate mild bars and have obtained immediate reputation.

A mild bar is a unit of different types of lighting style and rotators and reflectors, surrounded in a dome. The lighting style within a mild bar may variously be beacons, takedown lighting style, street lighting style, and even included stalked lighting style in earlier designs.

Thus, although the enterprise of our country LED a large number, but dimensions slant generally small, low profits.
LED technology is not a short-term can see benefit project, it needs long time continuous input of funds. China's LED industry in most of the enterprises in the middle and lower reaches, relatively small size of the business, and not enough money, so most enterprises are not willing to invest a lot of money for research. Coupled with the Chinese LED market competition is intense, this more make enterprises reluctant to invest funds for technological research, this also makes China Patent LED lack and water.
Without their own technology, most of China's LED enterprises can imitate.

Some company sales director said, imitation is also a way of enterprise development, imitation or to have a certain technology. In China, many industries are modelled on the phenomenon, imitation ability has become the competitiveness of enterprises constitute a factor. But after all is to imitate imitation, does not have its own core technology, even imitate the products quality cannot be guaranteed, coupled with the imitation of the phenomenon more, it is easy to appear the homogenization of products, also appeared the price war, enterprises rely on to earn meager profit. Such a vicious spiral is also China's edison light industry did not create more core patent reasons.