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85 billion dollar creating a new record.

85 billion dollar creating a new record.

LED inside observed recent market situation, blue-ray capacity of upstream chip plant was fully taken use of, and the orders were even lining up to the end of the year. According to observations of several companies’ operation revenue performance, the operation revenue of companies such as Upstream Chip Crystal Electric, Canyuan, GuangJia surpassed synchronous standard last year.
Total operation revenue of LED manufacturers in Taiwan was 0. As for Kai Ding shifting in investment in AUO, its operation revenue was 2.

As for the downstream LED package (led lights china), the whole operation revenue in July was 5. According to previous experience, the busy season would last to September or October. The total operation revenue of LED Chip Plant in July was 4 billion dollat increasing by 6.38 billion dollar; with the launching of new products in the second half of the year, operation revenue would still have developing space. Although Crystal Electric blue-ray capacity was full, the operation revenue continued to create a new record in history with the improved production efficiency of chip side and increased orders of quaternion products. The launching of notebook’s CULV platform carrying increased varieties of NB LED backlighting met requests of energy-saving.03 billion dollar increasing by 6. The operation revenue of bibcock manufacturer Crystal Electric in July was 1. Canyuan’s operation revenue in July was 1.62 billion dollar increasing 70% compared to the same period last year.17 billion dollar. from: led bulb light

. Since market needs of TV and NB backlighting are large, downstream package plants started expansion plan.1% compared Linsheng Electrical Co., Ltd. to last month. Package Plant’s production value had already surpassed the synchronous standard last year.53 billion dollar standard in the following several months promoted by traditional busy season needs. With the upstream chip manufacturers’ equipments being successively installed, the production value of upstream chip plant will continue to increase in the second half of 2009. The operation revenue of bibcock package plant, Yiguang, was 1.85 billion dollar creating a new high standard in history. As for downstream package plants, the order visibility was lining up to the end of September; March 2009 was traditional needs busy season, and the needs of traditional cell phones and smart phones would be increased.9 billion dollar and increased by 5.46 billion dollar creating a newly highest number; monthly operation revenue will have a chance to go back to more than 1. In July the operation revenue of Macro qi whose proportion of cell phone applications was higher in case of white-label phones needs was 0.9% compared to last month.8% compared with June 2009.

According to observation of Taiwan whole chip plants’ operation revenue in July, the operation revenue was 4.9% compared to last month; the monthly operation revenue of LED package factory was 5.5 billion dollar because recent trade mode changed; operation revenue would recover increasing functions with the expanding led production and increased OEM proportion (led grow light). Lately upstream manufacturers start expansion plan in order to prepare for LED TV market in 2010. Since edison vintage bulb East Bei layout in backlighting field, it is benefited a lot from the needs of large and mid sizes; the operation revenue continued to create a new record and operation revenue in July was 0.17 billion dollar increasing by 5.